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Ivan Stoyanov Gutzow, Academician

Professor, DSc

Rostislaw Kaischew Institute of Physical Chemistry - BAS
Department of Phase Formation, Crystalline and Amorphous Materials

  • Н index (according to Scopus or Web of Science): 27
  • Total number of scientific publications: 253
  • From them with impact factor or impact rang: 153
  • Number of citations of the scientific publications: more than 2800
  • Number of scientific publications in the last five years: 646

Academic positions in the last five years

  1. Academician
    Institute of Physical Chemistry - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Scientific awards and membership in scientific societies

  • 1985
    Annual Award
    Union of Scientists in Bulgaria
  • 2002
    Alexander von Humboldt Forschungspreis
  • 2015
    Honorary Prize
    International Union on Glass Technology and Science - Brussels
  • 1978
    Golden Order "Marin Drinov"
  • 1990
    Honorary sign
    Union of Scientists in Bulgaria
  • Honorary badge (gold)
    Union of Scientists in Bulgaria
  • Member
    Deutsche GlastechnischeGesellschaft - Frankfurt
  • Member
    Bulgarian Humboldt Union - Bulgaria
  • Member
    ICG (International Commission of Glass)