WP5 – Publicity of the project

WP5 – Publicity of the project

1st January 2019

Start and end of the work package: from Month 01 to Month 36
Work package leader: prof. Irena Markovska
Participants in the implementation of the work package: All project’s participants, members of the scientific consortium

Planned tasks:

Task 5.1

Designing a project website for maximum visibility of project results.


Created web site of the project.

Task 5.2

Publishing activity and participation in international conferences.


Printed publications in leading scientific journals with high impact factor and impact rank.
Participation in serious international conferences in the field of silicate industry.

Task 5.3

Innovation activities related to the protection of intellectual property.


The scientific results obtained by the project, which have innovative character, will be protected by patents and/or utility model.

Task 5.4

Organization of public lectures, seminars, workshops.


Carried out lectures, seminars, regular workshops between project members in individual scientific assignments, as well as members of the consortium.

Results, which will be used for evaluation of the intermediate or final report of the project

Created web site of the project.
Reported of the project’s results at international conferences abroad and in Bulgaria.
Submitted and possibly published articles in leading journals with impact factor and / or impacted rank.
Protocols of meetings between project members in individual scientific organizations as well as between members of the consortium.

Brochures and promotional materials: